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Clearly, this is mostly a baseball blog. I said I'd be diverse in what I wrote about, but so much of what I want to write about is baseball. That's quite obvious at this point, considering I wrote absolutely nothing during the off-season.

I did read about baseball though. I finally read Moneyball by Michael Lewis. (Yes, that book that the Brad Pitt movie is based on.) It was pretty much enlightening. Most of it included things I already knew about—as it was published in 2003, but it was fascinating to look at the Oakland Athletics' 2002 season, Billy Beane's quest to build a team based on statistical analysis instead of pre-established scouting fallacies, and the overall rise of a new mentality across baseball. Most teams today use statistical analysis in their decision making.

Even though I don't have the resources or the brain power to compute the way some of these baseball statisticians do, I want to try to apply sabermetrics to my analysis of baseball players and teams.

Baseball fans should, however, recognize that one of the things that makes baseball great is its rich history and tradition. I think the best way to attack the issue is (as with most things in life) attempting to find the point of balance. We should admire baseball's tradition while respecting enlightened approaches to the game.

Anyway, this post will serve as my re-introduction to this blog. I will, as before, at least state that I plan to scatter random thoughts throughout my posts, only because I'm afraid to encase myself. But, honestly, my main desire will be to write about baseball, and I will begin with an update on Twins baseball soon.

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