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Vin Scully is Awesome

If you're a baseball fan, you'll probably agree that Vin Scully is awesome. The guy has been the play-by-play voice of the Dodgers for 63 years. Sixty-three years. He has always been entertaining to listen to, and his opinions can be valued. Scully has some made some of the most iconic calls in sports history, here are a few:

Anyway, he recently reminded us why we all love him. During a Rockies-Dodgers game, Shane Victorino lined a ball to Dexter Fowler. The ball dipped right in front of the center fielder as he stuck his glove out to catch it. At first, the umpire called it a catch and the last out of the inning. After a conference between the four umpires though, the call was reversed. That is when Colorado's manager, Jim Tracy left the dugout to argue the call. Here's the full video, with Vin Scully narrating:

Using his abilities to lip read and euphemize, Vin Scully attempted to interpret Jim Tracy's argument for the viewers. For example:

That is blinkin' fertilizer.

Seriously, watch it. It's hilarious.

But more importantly, immediately after the heated argument from the Rockies' manager, the legendary broadcaster also snuck in his thoughts on instant replay in Major League Baseball.

We have this equipment, and no one takes avail of it. I mean, they say it would slow up the game. What did that do? I mean, they could have had someone upstairs or an umpire go and look at the tape. Instead, big argument, the manager's kicked out of the game, the umpires have to reverse.

And that's really the point. Instant replay, even for simple calls like this one, would improve the fairness of the game. Of course, umpire mistakes and manager arguments would exist even with replays. Those who appreciate the human element of the game know those things would never go away. However, important calls that might decide the outcome of a game would have a better chance to go the right way. If at home we can watch plays immediately, repeatedly, and in slow motion, why shouldn't umpire crews be able to have that same benefit? Professional sports should make use of the technology available. Those who love the pure aspect of baseball shouldn't worry, human beings will still officiate and manage and play the game.

I hope Bud Selig was watching the Dodgers broadcasts, because even someone like Vin Scully, who is 84 years old and has been broadcasting baseball for 63 seasons, recognized the need for some progress in Major League Baseball. Scully has been around the game for a long time, and he's probably seen many bad calls. Surely, he knows expanded replay would improve MLB's fairness, because, as most fans know, some calls are just blinkin' fertilizer.

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